Marine Renewables Asia Summit 2018

In March 2015, the Indonesian government revised its target for the adoption of renewable energies by the year 2025 up from 17% to 19% by the year 2019, and 25% by the year 2025. In conjunction with this, in May 2015 it announced that it would invest approximately 950 billion yen (500 trillion rupiah) in renewable energies over the next five years in order to promote their adoption.

As an island nation surrounded by ocean,Indonesia is the largest archipelagic state in the world with a large amount of straits between islands, Indonesia is second in the world in terms of the length of its coastline. As such, ocean-based renewable energies serve as a promising energy source.

OTEC: The potentials of OTEC in Indonesia is the largest in the world, spreading in 17 locations, from western coast in Sumatera, southern Java, Sulawesi, North Maluku, Bali and NTT, which is predicted to reacvh 41 GW

Tidal: Estimates show that Indonesia – the world’s biggest archipelago – has the potential for up to 60 GW of tidal power – which translates to more than Indonesia’s total electricity capacity of just over 50 GW in 2015

Wave: There are many sites suited for wave power on the southern side of islands such as Sumatra and Java.

NATIONAL ELECTRIFICATION RATIO: National electrification ratio was 91.16% in 2016.There are 2 provinces (NTT and Papua) having electrification ratio lower than 70%. Indonesia’s electrification ratio is still low(91.16%) compared to other ASEAN countries. The target of electrification ratio:97.35% by 2019 (RPJM) and 100% by 2024(RUKN).The potential of marine energies serve as a promising energy source in the future.

The conference will serve as a knowledge and experience sharing platform for Southeast Asia ORE Projects development and implementation across the value chain. It will be an excellent opportunity for the Ocean Energy professionals from around the world to gather, engage, share and discuss the progress, needs and challenges with the implementation of ORE projects in their assets . At Marine Renewable Asia Summit 2018, not only will professionalsgain an insight into solutions for tidal, wave, OTEC...... but will also learn how to implement strategiesthat will evolve the start-to-end operations across the ocean renewable power sector. It will bring to you the voice ofleaders from our own industry, and also leaders who have contributed to the transformation of their industries to realisethe full value of ocean renewable energy. 

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Panel Discussion
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